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Aaron's Beard, (a'ronz berd)=Hypericum caly- cinum. The upper plata of a column, be- neath the archi- 1 trave. v.] Monopetalous herbs, shrubs, and weeds, chiefly tropical, resembling the Acanthus. akantha, thorn; kephale, head.] Vermiform internal parasites having a spiny proboscis, but no mouth, resembling threadworms; also called helminthes and echinorhynchi. ; gela- tinous, marine, stinging zoophytes, having a central mouth, no senses but that of touch, feeding on small fish, &c.; varying in size from very small to several feet in diameter. akalephe, anettle.] Jelly fishes, sea nettles, medusae, &c.

abies, from abeo, to rise, or apios, pear tree.] The fir tree : a genus of Abietese (Pinaceae). abies, the fir tree.] A resin obtained from turpentine. abies, fir tree.] Fossil remains of fir trees, chiefly cones, found in Wealden and Greensand. At the same time, accuracy with brevity has been specially aimed at. Only the most commonly used, and most im- portant words have accordingly been included.

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