My friend is dating my crush

So, with that in mind, here’s my suggestion to you: Take your friend aside, and tell her that you’re sorry for her unhappiness, and that you came by this relationship honestly and with no intention of hurting her—but that she’s right, you love him, and you were wrong to try to hide that truth from her or treat her like she couldn’t handle it.

And then, tell her that you value her friendship and hope to keep it, but that since you and your guy going to be together, you’ll understand if it’s too painful for her to keep spending time with you under the circumstances.

That is, unless there’s something you’re not telling me — or, perhaps, something your boyfriend isn’t telling you.

If he promised her that they’d be together when she came back, or if he actively hid your relationship from her while she was away…

I don’t necessarily think it’ll last forever, but he makes me very happy right now.She moved away for half a year, and when she came back, she asked me if I was with him. This took me by surprise, of course, and I was quite angry with my boyfriend for not telling me about her.The overlap with me wasn’t huge, but it still was creepy.Because look, of course rejection hurts, and of course it hurts when you return home from a six-month absence to find that a guy you’d been hoping to hook up with has fallen for somebody else.And when something like that happens, it is perfectly acceptable to react by crying in the privacy of your bedroom, wearing the same ratty sweatpants for three days straight, and gorging on pizza-flavored Combos while binge-watching Buffy on Netflix.

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Question: My mother said that there is an unspoken rule that you don’t try to date someone your friend likes, but my friend likes everyone. It applies to situations in which your friend has real feelings for a guy or has hooked up with or dated him.

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