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(Not that there's anything wrong with that.) But if these trends hold true, I may have to start. I'm sure I speak for Ebert himself when I say: two thumbs up.

Additional gusto and charts show that older women prefer to "dominate" in bed, and also that they get tested more frequently for S. Take it away, Simon & Garfunkel:--The Headcase thanks lead author Judith Easton for sending a copy of the paper.

The first time Roger Ebert saw "The Graduate," back in 1967, he loved it.

The second time, thirty years later, he merely liked it.

Women's confidence and self-value tend to increase with age, not decrease.

Of course your article didn't really take into account what the woman in the situation might want at all. Jaffe probably thought this would be good news to older women.

It's just that many older women (including myself, at age 43) grow much more comfortable in our own skin as we get older.As a result, the researchers contend:, Benjamin, Mrs. The research group, which was led by Judith Easton and included David Buss, conducted an online survey with 827 women split into three groups: pre-reproduction expediting (18-26), reproduction expediting (27-45), and menopausal (46-up).The women were asked a battery of questions about their sexual thoughts, frequency, and willingness. Women in the throes of "reproduction expediting":, Mrs. These data ring true with current analytics from the online dating world.Older women actually have HIGHER standards when it comes to putting up with infantile douchebags, even if they happen to have a nice body.More and more younger women, as it happens, don't even like dating guys their own age - that's why so many men are even able to date younger women - so what makes you think an older woman would put up with it?

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I still roll my eyes when the framing of this article supports the cultural stereotype of "what's attractive to men"...

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