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Monica Lewinsky does not have a husband and has never been married.Although it has been decades since her name was on the cover of every single media publication in the country, Lewinsky has managed to live her life as privately as possible, keeping any romantic relationships that she may have out of the hands of the mainstream media. Last year, the #Me Too movement further inspired her to make a difference in the world.At the time a source told The Mirror: "He is determined to keep a low profile and has rebuffed a rendezvous." Sports presenter Kirsty dated Danny for six months but "broke up because of the 12 year age gap".A source told The Sun: "Kirsty was devastated but agreed it was for the best.But like Lara, she thought she was the girl to change his womanising ways.Speaking to The Sun in 2014 she said: "He's a completely different man to the one I met four years ago.

After their bitter break-up, Monica went on to warn Kelly Brook to steer clear of him.Here’s what you need to know: Lewinsky doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend at this time and, if she does, she’s not too interested in letting the world know about him.While she received national attention for years, she does her absolute best to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.Lewinsky was 22 years old when her relationship with Bill Clinton began.Over the past two decades, she has dealt with the after-effects of the scandal.

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She doesn’t seem completely turned off from the idea of marriage, however, telling the mag, “I’ve promised Barbara Walters a dance at my wedding so I hope to make good on that promise someday!

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