Mobile phone cam sex

To avoid falling for this scam, be cautious of the text messages you respond to.

Do Not respond to the numbers that are suggested to you.

Instead, call your network provider’s support helpline or bank and ask them if the claims made are true and supply them with the numbers you have been provided with.

Once you do call back you will be charged a $US19.95 connection fee (and possible further UK conversion and connection charges) as well as per-minute fees of at least $US9. Some of the area codes that have been used in these scams are 268, 809, 876, 284, and 473.There are also apps that enable you to wipe all the data on your phone remotely when the phone is online.Cloning occurs when a criminal gains access to your mobile phone number and unique serial number.As using these devices becomes a more integral part of our daily lives, it’s important to be aware of the different types of mobile scams and how to avoid them.Here’s a look at some of the most common mobile phone scams.

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