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“There’s nothing nicer, if you’ve got great chemistry, than finishing the date off with a lovely little kiss - but that’s as far as it goes.Nine out of 10 men will respect you less if you sleep with them on a first date.”Nadia has had to battle claims she’s a gold-digger – she’s previously admitted to looking for men who have a black American Express card, where the minimum yearly spend is £250,000 - because of her approach to dating.“The best time to go out is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview wearing scruffy clothes. “Demure is good, you don’t want it all hanging out. He will judge you, instantly, on whether he can introduce you to his mother.”Nadia suggests keeping the conversation light to avoid any awkward moments.You need to turn up looking well turned out.”She says the perfect man-hunting outfit is a smart black dress, high heels and glam but natural make-up. “Politics, religion and, really important, exes are a no,” she said.

Nadia, who is currently single, believes you need to dedicate at least one night a week to finding a partner if you’re serious about settling down.If you’re man is a self-made millionaire, he’s going to work a lot. It’s how he made is money and round-the-clock work is probably part of who he is at his core. And I understand the sometimes the date might be a less-than-romantic lunch for two at his desk in his office.So, you’re not going to change his work-life balance much. But, as long as you two get a solid chunk of uninterrupted time together, it’s a date.But, you can help him reframe some of his priorities to shift more of his time to spend with you. Second, explain to your hard-working man that a good relationship takes a lot of work, too.If you can get him to think about your relationship like he does a business venture—in the sense that it needs his time, attention, creative thinking and passion—then he’ll be more likely to meet your expectations and needs.

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“I find them to be much more gentlemanly,” she said.

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