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Also your profile photo will be converted to your new Page. I’ve been a B2C/B2B marketer for nearly 20 years: founder & consultant at Storywise, brand director at Commodore, marketing director at Monte Verdi. Today, I’m a proud husband, father of two & content marketing specialist at ROBIN – the intelligent customer service assistant.

The other content such as your uploaded photos, your wall content, etc will to your new Business Page.

Yesterday Beatrice Whelan a webdesigner and blogger from Ireland, posted a comment on my blog saying that Facebook now offers an easy, automatic way to convert your friends from a Personal Profile to a Facebook Page. Select Local Business or Brand or Institution, etc.

*** UPDATE: Please take note of the risks of AUTOMATICALLY transferring your friends from Profile to Page! Once you make your choice, only your (confirmed) friends will be converted to people who ‘Like’ your new Page.

The "Nothing Gold Can Stay" sunrise scene was gorgeous.

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