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The Brethren reserve all social activities for those with whom they celebrate the "Lord's Supper" (their name for the Eucharist), excluding even family who are not members of the sect.Such activities include eating, drinking and entertainment, as well as club and professional memberships, directorships, shares.Women are somewhat subservient to men, they sit behind the men in meetings and their service is to select hymns, not to pray out loud or teach.They have to wear a scarf or ribbon in their hair to signify that the man is head of the woman.Few people not born into the Brethren become members, and relatively few of those born into the group leave.Few who remain in the church would agree that fear is defining factor though.Despite the fact that in many jurisdictions they receive rate rebates which require them to be places of 'public worship', two of their services are closed to those who are not members in good standing: the Lord's Supper and the monthly Care Meeting, however they do hold 10 services a week, 9 of which are 'open'.In theory, well disposed members of the public are free to come to their gospel preachings and other meetings, but in practice most 'gospel preaching' has been done on street corners, although they claim not to seek to make converts, instead preferring to 'leave the word of God hanging in the air'.

In reality this is generally because most of the women in the workforce are between the age of 18-25 so lack the experience for senior roles.Men are expected to provide for their families while the women manage the household.The aged and sick are usually cared for by other member families (possibly unrelated), although private (non-Brethren) nursing homes are sometimes utilised for the elderly.The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) is a Protestant church, often known as Exclusive Brethren or Raven-Taylor-Hales Brethren.These Brethren hold an uncompromising view on the doctrine of separation and their practice has steadily evolved from other Plymouth Brethren groups and also from mainstream Christendom.

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