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Follow through on your commitments, be clear about your expectations, and notice when they do nice things for you!Say thank you, use your manners, be considerate and responsible.MBTI or in full Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory tests are a staple on both the internet and in human resource departments the world over.They are able to put people into 16 basic personality tests based on your relationship between Extroversion and Introversion, Intuition vs Sensing, Thinking vs Feeling and Perception vs Judging.We will have to check in with them in a year or so to see what has happened.

Now, the interesting part is that the inventors of MBTI themselves had ideas about which romantic partners would go together with different types.

There is a bunch of features, from searching with a lot of parameters, including of course MBTI type, to microblogging shoutouts, to forums, to match functions and all the normal stuff. The site seems to only get a couple of members every day, which isn’t enough to gain enough traction.

Hopefully, the site will pick up and maybe this review can inspire someone to sign up, but at the moment, to be honest, there simply are not enough members.

These are not meant quite literally though, but that is well explained.

These dominant functions are explained as being our ‘instincts’.

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