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"These songs are less art projects, less thinking 'this is a heartbreak song, what would Lesley Gore do?' and more reflective of things that have happened in our own lives."Cults took their time, going through a few dozen discarded demos before arriving on a pair of songs that felt special– the rollicking, sweet-but- dark "Right Words" and the buzzy earworm "Recovery." Once they had a direction, Follin and Oblivion enlisted longtime engineer Shane Stoneback to help guide the sessions, working bit by bit, never rushing, letting the material develop thrill ride-or-die Cults fans."We wanted to give ourselves some space to have normal lives, and wait until there was something new to say.""It was exciting, because writing stopped feeling like a homework assignment.I was able to sit down and do it only when I wanted to," says Follin.Gone are the days of chancing upon Garageband alchemy; Offering is the work of two artists who know what they want and how to make it marks the beginning of a more collaborative phase for Cults.The pair have always traded ideas, but for the first time they sat down to jam out ideas together in a room."We toured on that last album for over a year and a half," says Oblivion, speaking with Follin a day after a delayed flight from Florida stranded the band in Atlantic City. Everyone likes to say that it is grueling and so exhausting. Coming home, all of our friends felt alien for a while. And that's not a good place to write a record from.

The title track, a rolling goth-ed out anthem for the kids in the back of class is surely, somewhere in an alternate universe, soundtracking an 80s prom movie directed by Jim Jarmusch. Pink Floyd was a big inspiration, freeing up the band to try new song structures and play with vintage synths, notably on the gorgeous, aching "With My Eyes Closed." “I had the classic high school discovery of Pink Floyd, only I was 24," laughs Oblivion. BO: My teachers were all so proud of me dropping out.God, if I was 20 years old and had the chance to do that, I'd fucking kill to do it. If you love our features, news and reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation. A pair of film school dropouts who burst onto the New York scene with a perfect single and a darkly retro sound, the band’s first two albums play like noirish documentaries on a lost girl group. Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, both 28, still live in New York.They still finish each other’s thoughts and still share a love of catchy music and black humor (this is a band that sampled cult leader Jim Jones on their first hit).

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