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“You should Bumble with the intent to connect, not people-watch,” said Alexandra Williamson, Bumble’s head of brand.“Once you start taking an Instagram approach to the swiping experience, fatigue is only a matter of time.” One 22-year-old graduate student at Stanford University says she used Bumble to go on more than 10 first dates in the last few months — including, she said, to virtually every bar and restaurant seen in the backdrop of the HBO tech satire “Silicon Valley.” The dates were so disappointing that she decided to leave her love life to a matchmaker instead.

Silicon Valley workers “are in the business of scalable, quick solutions. “You have a whole city obsessed with algorithms and data, and they like to say dating apps aren’t solving the problem,” Hobley said.

You know they’ve rejected you,” said Mc Kenna Walsh, a ­29-year-old start-up consultant.

“On Tinder, if someone doesn’t swipe on you, you don’t get a notification. You don’t even really know.” The apps’ dominant hold on the dating scene has fueled its own cottage industry of valley types hoping to optimize their chances.

(He counseled viewers to follow the depressing results with “several cartons of ice cream” and a Netflix binge.) Women here say they feel outnumbered, overworked and underwhelmed by the tech industry’s egos and eccentricities: A koan of the local dating scene: “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.” Men, in return, say they feel outmatched or overlooked.

A ­39-year-old San Francisco tech entrepreneur who has given up on dating apps said, “I have a higher confidence in making another million dollars than I do in finding a spouse.” The valley’s solitude helps throw a spotlight onto the changing shape of American love.

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“I just don’t have that much time to be on disappointing apps,” she said.

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