Linq to sql view not updating

EDIT3 It looks like this may be what I need to do once I'm there (under setting values programmatically) anyone has alread addressed this problem (and I know I'm not the only one who needs to do this) feel free to give me a shout... Updating Dim auditcriteria As Audit Criteria auditcriteria = CType(e. The table I'm working with in the database is called Audit Criteria.

Protected Sub lds Audit Criteria Details_Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. It stores criteria for audits (crazy cool I know)So what exactly was I doing when I said What EXACTLY is that doing?

Or is it saying that since LINQ tracks the old value as well as the new value (before the update and what will become the new value after the update) I want to place the datetime in the NEW value once this update completes? I have a drop down list that selects the Audit Name and then the detail view shows all the details of that audit.

The On Validate is great because you can do validation at the object level instead of the client side.

I turned off Append Bound Item and it DOES work for updates and inserts now. Oh well, I suppose this is why I put labels next to the controls and tell the users to pick a value.

I haven't researched this yet, but I may as well ask: I don't want to ever actually DELETE a record, I just want to mark it as inactive.

For instance, if the fields are held in the "My Record" class, I create this (C#):public partial class My Record These are implementations of partial methods that are created in the data context.

If you look at the code generated by LINQ, you'll be able to find out when these methods are called (just do a search).

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Data Bind() but when I do that it doesn't refresh the drop down list, it adds a SECOND set of items to the list which is just odd...

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