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Believe it or not there are women who tend to have a hard time accepting the fact that their partner is more into the said pampering time for themselves than they do.Nevertheless, this is a reality and this reality has to be accepted as it is how nature works for women.Unlike dating a guy, dating a woman means being subject to questioning, pitying, discriminating distasteful look from the people who does not understand the nature of being queer.Hence, one has to be ready to be discriminated and keep and open mind to understand the fact that some people will just not understand the situation.

“Because she’s butch.”My friend sat back in her chair.Sexuality is fluid and many people do not understand that statement.Being fluid in sexuality is to have the freedom of loving and having a relationship with either a man or a woman.She may be absent because she is having dysmenorrheal.She needs to go to the gym, hair salon, spa, have manicures, and pedicures just like the rest of the other girls do to take care of themselves.

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Social discrimination may not go away but it can in time when people start opening their minds as well. Satisfaction and contentment in life does not lie on what others think about us but it is how we live our lives.

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