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I’m 26 now and don’t qualify,” says Jessica Odendahl.

The NDP’s policy is similar to the Liberals’, although it aims to combat the rising costs of private education by increasing transfer payments to provincial governments which can in turn use the money to fund more students.

First, there has been a lot of discussion about municipalities from outside of St.

Catharines not wanting another chair from the Garden City.

Others point to Bradley as the most partisan of the group and a senior member of a provincial government that had one scandal after another, numerous OPP investigations, billions in wasted tax dollars, misstated budgets and that forced windmills onto rural Niagara which infuriated many residents.

Gale, although some argue he is part of the so-called “Conservative Cabal” (there are at least three members of that group who are known Liberals, by the way) sees himself as an independent: a businessman first and foremost who cares more about running the Region as a business than making decisions to get re-elected.

“I don’t like hearing when people say it’s a done deal.Heit’s name has been floated but he’s seen by many as a long shot.Although not well publicized, Heit allegedly failed to declare conflicts of interest on more than one occasion when his cell phone business was bidding on or held contracts with regional services like the NPCA and NRP.The Niagara News is the community newspaper of Niagara College located in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.It is created and produced by the students of the Niagara College Journalism program.2019 Niagara College Journalism Awards If it feels broken, how can it be love?

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