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Similes are used in funny poetry and serious poetry.

You can even combine poetic devices like using similes and metaphors in a single poem.

A simile uses the words "like" or "as" to compare two things which are not alike.

This poetic device can create a picture in the reader's mind which instantly communicates what the writer is trying to describe, and a poem with a simile can also make it more interesting and entertaining. Poetic simile simply uses the comparison of two different things with descriptive language in a poem.

So here's the moral of this story, And some good advice for you.He searched his brain for the answers, But it was like they were playing hide and seek.When he figured he would never find them, He leaned toward his classmate's test to take a peek.These simile poem examples can help you discover more.By Michele Meleen My mom is like a cloud, comfortable and strong. When I am fully formed she'll let me go dropping into the world like a raindrop to the ground.

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