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They called it quits in July 2009 but reunited for a few months right before Khloe Kardashian got married that September.And just in time for Bush to bring home a Super Bowl ring.One of the primary reasons for this (and only a semi-joke) was that Kardashian would come as a package deal (the two were dating at the time).The ‘Boys obviously won’t be adding Bush anytime soon, but could Kardashian end up spending some time in Big D anyway?Meanwhile, even though she's proudly dating, Kim claims she's in no rush to settle down. Now is the one time in my life I can be 100% selfish.

Austin has spent some time with Kardashian, but at this time, the two are just friends.

The Enquirer is reporting that Austin and Kardashian spent Game 6 of the NBA Finals together (kind of, since they didn’t sit together) and then dined at Casa Vega (where we assume they finally made eye contact).

The Enquirer even goes as far as to write: While this is likely a bit of a stretch, the fact that Austin has spent time with Kardashian doesn’t seem to be a fairy tale.

Remember that Austin spent a bit of extra time working out this spring in L. As ESPN Dallas points out, she is also one of the 15 people he “follows” on Twitter.

We wrote a few months ago what a great fit Reggie Bush would be in Dallas.

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