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The experience at Sports Illustrated served as a foundation for a thriving career in journalism that garnered Elliot national fame and recognition.Elliot earned his first taste of television success when he became a panelist on ESPN’s shows Jim Rome is Burning and Around the Horn.“I want to thank Josh for his many contributions to GMA and ABC News.Later in the week, we will bid him farewell.” But even this farewell may not happen.Now that Lara has been promoted and is an official co-host, it seems that it will only be a matter of time before she and her BFF Robin Roberts completely freeze out Amy Robach altogether.Are you Team Lara and Robin, or do you sympathize with Amy Robach? Elliot also served as a co-host on the ESPN2 show Cold Pizza.Elliot also contributed written work to ESPN Magazine and to the website

Josh fortified his written communication skills while attending university by writing for the school’s newspaper.America’s #1 morning show is quickly falling apart and it looks like ABC execs are desperate to save “Good Morning America.” News unexpectedly broke earlier this week that GMA fav Josh Elliott would be leaving the show immediately to join NBC Sports and possibly GMA’s rival “The Today Show”.ABC announced Amy Robach as his replacement just minutes after reports of Josh’s departure leaked. Sources say that another sports commentator may also be filling Josh’s empty seat.Elliot initially focused on comedy development but later shifted that focus towards physical production.After receiving his degree from Columbia, Josh went to work as a writer for Sports Illustrated, where he stayed for six years, often delivering thought provoking commentary on various sports.

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