Intimidating black actors

The actor who portrayed Vito, Lino Ventura, was an Italian actor who has played a few Mafia roles.

His popularity wasn’t great and while he did fairly well, he wasn’t known or thought of as a macho man.

Bronson was known as a bad boy himself simply by association of all of the roles that he played.

It’s thought that he killed the man in prison due to a mistaken identity and that he may have even been suffering from delusions or paranoia at the time.

Though Valachi had the ability to kill, it could have been out of fear and I don’t really believe he was as tough as a lot of men in the Mafia.

But the fact remains that when you get right down to it, they're a scary black man. However, perhaps because of a lack of very large Asians who aren't sumo or very large white people who aren't professional wrestlers in a cameo role, they are often black.

(This is the same reason that a Huge Schoolgirl usually isn't mean, either.) However, American media depictions cannot escape the legacy of the Big Black Buck (as featured in such influential films as D. Griffith's pro-Klan propaganda film ), the savage (noble or not), or modern thug culture.

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Anastasia didn’t have a large enough role in the movie Lucky Luciano: 10/10 Angelo Infanti as Lucky Luciano: 9/10 Angelo Infanto: 7/10 As the first official boss of the Genovese crime family, the real life Lucky Luciano is known as the “father of modern organized crime”.

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