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There were 214 legislative amendments and laws enacted since the Law and Justice party came to power in October 2015.

The speed of the legal reforms and the lack of adequate consultation with civil society were widely criticized.

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The government undertook significant legal reforms, in particular concerning the Constitutional Tribunal.

Following the adoption of three new laws regarding the Constitutional Tribunal and the appointment of a new Tribunal President, the European Commission raised new concerns and issued a complementary Recommendation in December, giving Poland two months to address the systemic threat to the rule of law in the country.

In June, President Duda refused to appoint nine judges nominated for promotion to higher instance courts and one judge nominated for office by the National Council of the Judiciary. In June, a new Counter-terrorism Law was enacted, following a fast-track legislative process.LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL OR INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENTS Several amendments to the Law on the Constitutional Tribunal deepened the constitutional crisis that started in 2015; they were considered wholly or partially unconstitutional, according to the Constitutional Tribunal's rulings in March and August.In January, the European Commission initiated for the first time a structured dialogue with Poland under the Rule of Law Framework giving it until 27 October 2016 to outline steps taken to remedy the crisis.It consolidated extensive powers in the hands of the Internal Security Agency with no independent oversight mechanism to prevent abuse and ensure accountability.Terrorism-related crimes and "incidents" were broadly defined in the law and the accompanying regulation.

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