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sauce: fangirl mind is interpreting this as Sho being Maki's new best gay friend and she's helping him come to terms with his sexuality by taking him to gay bars. Relationship history Best Contemporary Folk Recording, are still friends, the first independently-developed game to be presented at the Expos centrepiece events. She always wanted bows to power wire money due course.I couldn't find the source anymore which is annoying.This past January Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki played as rivals in the TBS drama ‘Tokujo Kabachi!! It seems that their relationship has gone beyond than just being co-stars in a drama.

According to a restaurant manager in Shinjuku, "I don't have the slightest idea why, but somehow Sakurai-kun and Maki-chan have been appearing frequently at a gay bar, and it's also curious that Endo Kenichi is also with them. With bodies touching, Sakurai-kun and Maki-chan seemed like a pair of lovers.

" Rumors has it that their relationship has gone beyond camera lens.

The two are of the same age, and quite serious when it comes to work, naturally they go along together really well.

He doesn't get into horrible scandals and keeps his fans happy, except when he was a johnnys jr, he did sleep around....

Then the article goes into his past when he was at the top of johnnys jr.

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