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If you notice a girl point her shoulders away from you, that tells you that she has just lost some interest and you must change your strategy or risk getting rejected.That is the basic process behind body language, you must first recognize the signals and identify what they mean, then use the information that they conveyed to you in a way that works to your benefit.The trick to using body language for seduction purposes is to gain the ability to purposely pick up on and identify the signals that girls send out subconsciously, then use a girl’s body language signals to gather information that you can use.The most basic example of this would be to read a girl’s body language to determine whether or not she is into you, and then altering your game accordingly until her body language changes to a more positive nature.

This is because the vast majority of body language signals are done automatically (like breathing) below the normal level of conscious thought, so all women are basically forced to give off these signals that you can pick up on.

give her a high-five, use your arm to “accidentally” touch her breasts, etc.) If she reciprocates you touching her, you know it’s 100% on. Excessive eye contact only indicates sexual tension.

Now you can pay more attention to her eyes: If her eyes dilate, that means she is attracted to you for sure.

Another classic signal is she laughs much more than others when you talk – that oftentimes means she is attracted to you.” Anna also claims that if a Latvian beauty’s feet are pointing at you while she is sitting down, that means she is thinking about you, so her body language shows this attraction unconsciously.* 1.

If she starts to ignore her friends and give you more attention at the party, that only means she likes you a lot, because most women wouldn’t ditch their friends for a guy that they don’t know well. You can further test a Latvia woman by touching her in a subtle way (e.g. If she holds eye contact for much longer than most people, that is definitely a green light, because most people wouldn’t maintain eye contact for too long with someone they have just met.

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