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After its inaugural run in September 2008, the massive particle accelerator housed in a 27 kilometre long tunnel, 300 feet below the French-Swiss border, had to be shut down for repairs.It was only in November last year that the scientists were able to bring the machine around and have it running smoothly.These are the prerogative of the state — unless outsourced to tribunals and other grievance redressal mechanisms in the case of consumer complaints or business disputes — and this principle is non-negotiable.

In awarding the death sentence to five people for the murder of a Haryana couple, victims of a so-called 'honour killing' in 2007, a Delhi court has taken the first step towards delegitimising khap panchayats.There are hundreds of supplementary experiments that will be carried out over the course of the next few years.So far, scientists have only been able to scratch the surface of particle physics.If this were not so, then William Bentinck would not have been right in abolishing sati two centuries ago.No civilised society can live with a matrix of private courts, private executioners and a private criminal justice system.

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This is not to say that we should restrict scientific experimentation in any way.

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