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Help ensure Alter Net remains independent long into the future.In 2014 it was revealed that Republican North Carolina Senate candidate Steve Wiles once performed as a drag queen, proving once again that conservative, anti-gay activists aren't always what they seem.Many people within the LGBTQ community view the Republican Party as this evil, bigoted, and horrific party.But the truth is, that isn’t the Republican Party at all.Since I have come out, the Republican party has been one of the most accepting and tolerant towards my beliefs and lifestyle; however, I can’t say the same for my own community and the Democrat Party.Getting shunned by the party of tolerance and viewed as a Benedict Arnold has been an eye opener for me.

Reactions range from “wtf is wrong with you” to “F– Donald Trump” and even “you’re a fake homo” and people wishing death to the president.

The phone number he gave went to his winery, the White Squirrel Winery. 2014, a gossip blog posted alleged messages Sanderson sent to a young Vanderbilt student where he called himself a “state rep” for Obion, Lake and Dryer Counties, which is his district.

“I’ve seen a lot and done a lot, but I really haven’t had a connection with a guy, and I have a burning desire to have that relationship. So, I guess you might say, nothing will be held back …” his profile reads. “[Sanderson] says he was not in an open relationship and told me that if I published this story, it would ruin his marriage.

said, "That's what gay guys do on gay sites, don't they? He's not the most recent, but dear Lord did he get caught the most red-handed.

Not only this, but he had the absolute worst excuse. He there found a young, ripped, hairless, vampire-from-a-young-adult-book-looking boy named Lucien (pictured to the left) who he brought on his trip to "lift his luggage"(which is now an awesome euphemism for hiring a male prostitute and/or having sex with a male).

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Mormon David Matheson was one of the most well-known gay conversion therapists in the US, and in January 2019, he came out as gay.

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