Gave up on online dating

I decided to see a therapist and she advised that at my age women often suffer from ‘Last Chance Love’. With encouragement from the therapist I decided to write a book about my experiences on the dating sites, as I had kept extensive records.My book was launched in 2013, Nowadays I have all the love and security I’d always searched for from the seven people I was responsible for putting on this planet.Naturally, I thought we were having an exclusive relationship. I would never have discussed this without proof so I had print outs of his activities in a folder which I then handed to him. I was very upset at the time as I thought I’d finally found the love of my life.Then he stopped seeing me at weekends, he said, “I need to do family stuff at weekends.” A friend advised me that he had contacted her on another dating site and I eventually discovered he was active on four other sites. I was so emotionally involved I wasn’t able to see the relationship for what it really was.I ended up meeting my partner at a nightclub while on vacation in Ibiza with a girlfriend.

I made contact with 38 and had dates with 9 and sex with 1 suitable prospect. Then Matthew came back into my life and I fell straight into his arms.He was amazing and within a couple of weeks I was besotted.We saw each other almost every day for about six months.I was born in 1943 into a working class family in Maitland NSW.Right from the start they resented that they’d had another useless girl.

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I was definitely only looking for someone in my own socio economic group and found the quality of most men on the internet unsuitable. I knew that his past behavior was a prediction of what his future behavior was going to be, but I threw caution to the wind.

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