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Some of us have gone through a bad relationship and still wish to keep dating. A Weekend Spouse can help each other get things done as well as date or make new friends.

Some people just need companionship/friendship for a weekend to help make their life easier.

Sometimes we get so involved in the way a person looks, but do not really take time to really see their personality.Being a WEEKEND SPOUSE ® is something we all do in some fashion, because we all look to have a companion that we can relate to.Most of the time many people forget that meeting people is often a task that is not looked upon as a way to ask for help, even while traveling.Travel to unfamiliar destinations having friends to meet and get a helping hand in return help them if they head your direction.Weekend Spouse has a goal to put e Harmony, and other companies on the run or out of business.

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Sometimes when we meet people, we may think that person is the most perfect person in the world, but that's not always the case.

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