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"When they don't arrive as scheduled, they claim they were arrested, and ask for more money to post bail."Some situations also see victims convinced to set up a new bank account that is later used to facilitate criminal activities."Most dating site administrators do not conduct criminal background checks when an account is registered," the FBI warned.

It recommended dating site users do a reverse image search on anyone they connect with online.

"After a relationship is established a scammer will send gifts — poetry, flowers, and then make some long-term plans, such as going on a lavish vacation, or marriage proposals," Shapiro said.

To individuals who think they'd never fall victim to this kind of scam, Shapiro warned: "These are experts."Johnson is now focused on sharing her story and moving forward. I will not do that because it was a part of my life and I learned from it," Johnson said.

Now, they just hop on their computers and join dating websites.

Online dating websites have opened up so many possibilities for those searching for love.” But with that convenience has come risk – and shame.“Romance scams are highly underreported,” Beining said.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX BUSINESS APPBe wary of anyone you meet online, as they could be misrepresenting themselves.

Here are some common red flags, according to the IC3: Anyone who believes they’re a victim of a romance scam can report it to the IC3 online here, or to their local FBI field office.

The FBI has put out a warning on "confidence/romance frauds" across online dating sites.In the most unromantic terms, the FBI sums up the category of cybercrime this way: “A perpetrator deceives a victim” online into believing they have “a trust relationship, whether family, friendly, or romantic.” The victim is then persuaded to send money, personal and financial information, or to launder money on behalf of the perpetrator. The scams happened 18,493 times last year, the FBI reports – an average of more than 50 times a day. Victims are predominantly older widowed or divorced women, the FBI says.Their supposed princes are often criminals who are computer literate and educated.Crying out from near the top of the FBI’s cybercrime report last week was a heartbreaking statistic.The second-costliest category of crime, behind only compromised business email, was confidence and romance fraud, with a 2018 cost of 3 million. The FBI cases read like the ultimate cautionary tales about not falling for smooth-talkers.

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Cybercriminals are tricking people into laundering and sending money, purchasing items and providing personal and financial information, the FBI said Monday, by posing as a US citizen in a foreign country, a US military member deployed overseas or a US business owner.

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