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“We have always embraced the Potter-fame over the years,” Richter said.

“It is an essential part of our history as a group and we are forever grateful for all the opportunities that the boy who lived has afforded us.” Richter says that the tone of greatly influenced subsequent Star Kid projects — a balance of absurd humor and deeply personal meaning behind the production.

Even in the mid-2000s, when a book or movie release was always on the horizon, fans spent the downtime generating their own material. The creators behind these heralded pieces of Pottermania weren’t just big fans; they were also immensely talented. Fan-created Potter content never went away, but today, the passion for those creations rarely reaches the fervor of the 2000s.

Many fans who grew up in the Potter fandom became more critical of the books and the expanded universe that has grown to surround them.

“I put that up online and it was a big hit and we got together and we worked on some more animated skits.” Their members have branched out with their own independent projects: Richter is in a comedy-trio called the Tin Can Brothers and has appeared in various stage, online, and television productions, as well voice-over; Lopez has also been featured in a variety of stage and online works, most recently collaborating with Richter on a web series centered around a podcast; and you may recognize Darren Criss, who played Harry Potter himself, from .

But the group has never forgotten their Harry Potter roots.

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Though there were — and are — many different facets of fan-generated Harry Potter material, three of the most iconic are still heralded by fans everywhere.

The two were big Potter fans and Emmy had drawn a comic of the characters.

“I just worked on it for 24 hours straight and voiced it in secret in my bedroom,” Cicierega told Polygon in a phone interview.

were all made while Pottermania was still at its peak.

The creators of each have moved onto different projects, but it was their passion for Rowling’s world that gave them the head start. Musician Neil Cicierega was only a teenager when he created the first Potter Puppet Pals as a surprise for his sister, Emmy.

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