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PDFpen/PDFpen Pro 5.0.1 — Users and abusers of PDF rejoice, since Smile (née Smile On My Mac) has released PDFpen and PDFpen Pro 5, significantly beefing up the PDF editing and manipulation tools.

Most notably, both versions of PDFpen are 64-bit, and include performance enhancements that speed the editing of large documents.

PDFpen Pro 5 gains the capability to convert a Web site into a multi-page PDF document, can create list widgets and pop-ups in PDF forms, and can create a Submit button to submit PDF form data via the Web or email.

Version 5.0.1 is current and requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard; full release notes are available.

Before we get started, I should point out that although I have some design skills and limited HTML knowledge, I am not a web designer so I would not say that this is the best or only way to accomplish what I did…this is just some steps I figured out and they work for me. The version of i Web included in the ’09 pack (and later versions, I assume) includes the ability to upload to your own server via i Web’s FTP. To do any of these steps, you will need to publish to a local folder and then upload those files via your favourite FTP app). My goal was to create a site that would do several key things: display a flash slideshow of photos in a sexy way and provide the ability for people to submit requests or questions from the site itself via an online contact form, not just an email link.

Firefox 3.6.9 — Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6.9, updating the popular Web browser with support for the X-FRAME-OPTIONS HTTP response header that enables Web site owners to prevent their content from being embedded in other sites, which can lead to clickjacking attacks.(Free, 19.2 MB) Read/post comments about Cyberduck 3.6.1.Last year, I used i Web to build a cheap and cheerful website for my wife’s photography business (Amber Dawn Photography).The updates patch a pair of vulnerabilities that could allow maliciously crafted Web sites to execute their own code or crash Safari.Beyond the security fixes, both updates correct issues with submitting forms.

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