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A few weeks ago, deep in a sermon and full of Jesus, the Rev. Houston has lots of black preachers, and a fair number of openly LGBT ministers. At the sermon’s climax — as the congregation clapped approval, as amens and yeses poured in — Jackson’s preaching bordered on aerobic. Jackson’s style is riveting, but given that he’s a black preacher in the South, it’s not surprising. Peter United Church of Christ is this: When Jackson turns to make eye contact with the choir, the eyes he meets belong to his husband, Marcus Carter.But two of the immigrant families journeyed to Spring Branch, a flyspeck settlement of five other German-speaking families already busy turning forest into dairy farms.

The immigrants’ descendants returned, and once again the church thrived.Peter might have to merge with another congregation or close. After her sermon, when it came time to say the Lord’s Prayer, one of the congregants said it in German. She loved the church, and she stayed, becoming its lead minister. By 2018, only about a dozen people attended each Sunday. A couple of younger families did join the church, but even then, their children didn’t seem likely to stick. Even descendents of the seven families recognized that their church couldn’t go on that way. Jackson, the preacher, is 41 with two masters’ degrees.“We prayed for new people to come,” said Kingsbury. One is in management, and in 2017, he had a good job overseeing the Houston Food Bank’s employee training.Religious services are rarely just dry classes in doctrine. The pump-organ service would coexist alongside one with big-screen Oprah videos, a drum set, and gospel praise music?With their music, their style, their teachings about the nature of the world and how people should behave in it, they’re powerful assertions of identity and culture. Not to mention Jackson himself — a black, gay, button-popping preacher?

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That was hard, she remembers, when a visiting preacher spoke only German, a language she didn’t understand. Peter’s other traditions remained — even as its denomination merged with another denomination, and that one in turn merged with yet another.

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