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Unknown to him the airplane he has chosen is full of State Security and the pilot is Fidel Castro.

S is a suicide designer who assists people to commit suicide according to a method of their own choosing.

When new events and people enter her life, she unravels the truth about her past, and discovers what it truly means to be alive.

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl who dreamed of prom her entire life.

When Sinatra calls a local reporter a "two-bit hooker", every union in the country black-bans the star until he issues an apology.

A mischievous boy, living with his grandmother in a village that people believe is haunted, meets the ghost "Bhutya".

A young woman with a tragic past suffocates under the constant watch and belittling of her angry father.Inspired by a photograph of a mountain, he embarks on a spiritual journey of penance and hope.Wireless internet security is a combination of prevention, detection, and response.An interesting encounter unfolds replete with self-centered ego-play and an incredible magnitude of medical malfeasance.After witnessing the sudden death of his mother, Jacob is committed to a psychiatric facility by his own father.

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In this dazzling special effects production, an artist commissioned to create a portrait of Lincoln, struggles to understand all the things he sees in Lincoln's eyes - sorrow, resolve, hope, vision, forgiveness and more.

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