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As you obviously grow up in this business, and then you become more in the spotlight, people are obviously criticizing you and you're changing things. That is awesome." I could not care and I just did my thing. When you see that stuff you just have to laugh and have fun with it because that's so fucking awesome. It's really about loving yourself and loving the decisions you made whether they're crazy.

I remember one of the first shots that someone had sent me from the red carpet back then of me. I have got to show Chris this, [my husband]." I was so embarrassed. When you have that self-love, you're not so critical on yourself.

Over a simple, catchy guitar lick that morphs into a spare electro-infused beat, Tisdale acknowledges the voices that threaten to "fuck me up and change me" when she buries her feelings. You know, it's so different from any of the other experiences I've had in music. I'm producing other peoples' visions; but this album is who I am, and I think it's very scary at the same time because you're being so vulnerable and that's really hard. Can you give me an overview of some of the bigger themes you're tackling on this record?

She sings with serene acceptance about the voices as lies to you and me, making her experience universal. In the past, for me, when it came to — even in TV and movies — I've always been like, "Oh my gosh! " And I honestly have no fear, I don't even really, honestly, care. It's the most authentic thing I have ever done in my career. I think this is the first time my fans and people are even going to know who I am as a person. Since it's been so long since I have done music, I always said I was not going to do music just to put something out there. I definitely have gone through things over the last couple of years, and even have become more aware of things that I go through.

I direct messaged the director for the music video [to "Voices In My Head"], because I loved his work so much. I was able to shut off from the world, and I was able to create.

I think that really became a place where I enjoyed myself and laughed and had fun and created new friendships. It got me through what I was going through." But I think it's very easy, over the past couple of years...

It does seem like now more artists are really able to truly march to the beat of their own drum and create what they want to create.

Do you feel like that's been true for you, just in this go round creating music? In the past, obviously I was signed with Warner Bros Records, and it was a great experience, but it was also just an experience of a bigger machine...

When I finally let go of that is when I decided to come out with another record.

Like I said, I think pressure really, artistically, does not do well for me. To have something that grounds you, and allows you to explore issues like depression and anxiety is important, especially as someone who grew up in the public eye. I had a lot of stress at that moment because I had taken over my makeup company and I was doing a lot.

Knowing I didn't have any pressure, and I was able to go into the studio every day, and I co-wrote every single song on the album. I do feel like you're part of an era of stars where some made it, and some didn't, no shade. To be able to go to a place and where there was no cell service because you're in Calabasas and you're in a studio...

you're answering to certain people and having songs on your record because certain people wrote it, which you might not have been really wanting on your record, but it definitely has been such a different experience. What that journey's been like for you, having an anchor of some kind, creatively that's helped you.

I think maybe because this label is really new that they've just really let me be so hands on, but also there was no pressure, too. I think I came out of what I was going through, I came out of what I've been through, and my journey, and I was like, "Wow." I turned to my husband, and I was like, "Not only did I get through something on my own, I also just created something through that experience." I was just so proud of it. I always thought that John Feldmann's studio was just a real safe place for me, especially going through what I was going through.

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It's the calm therapy session we all need right now. The album really takes you through a journey of what I've gone through. It was all really weird how this happened, but John Feldmann, who is a really good friend of mine who produces the 5 Seconds of Summer records and blink-182 and all the way back to Hilary Duff, back in the day...

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