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Here's my setup: HDMI 1: Dish Network DVRHDMI 2: Xbox 360HDMI 3: Sony Blu-Ray VGA: Compaq Laptop Component 1: DVD player I read in another forum that some people with this problem had Samsung send them a new firmware update back in January that supposedly fixed the problem.

I went online and found that there was indeed a newer January version of the firmware, version 1014 (my set had 1013 installed).

In a last ditch effort because nothing else was working I unplugged all HDMI sources from the TV, and left the TV power unplugged overnight.

This morning I plugged in the TV power, powered it on, then plugged in each HDMI source. The only thing I can think of is a handshake issue sent the HDMI ports into a "confused" state and they stopped functioning properly.

Regardless, I logged a Samsung service request and heard back from the service company by am this morning. I explained the problem and the owner of the service company recommended we replace the main board just to be sure.

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