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Exhale is a friendly, cosy boutique festival which grew from it’s foundations in yoga and expanded to embrace intelligent movement and fitness, mindfulness and breath work, inquiry and insight.

Whilst always about growth, they are equally about celebration; beats and bass in the barn, and blissed out tunes by the fire pit.

You'll start taking tests to see if you're a match.

If you want to give a kidney to someone you don't know, contact your nearest transplant center.

It’s a celebration of young people, giving them a voice, a place to be heard and a platform to express themselves. We need your help to make sure the message reaches as many people as possible! ) about what's happening this weekend: Link to the website: Spread the word on Instagram: https:// Link to the event page to RVSP: https://

Your kidneys are two of your body’s most important organs.

The waste and extra water become urine.) Your kidneys release hormones that control blood pressure. When they don’t work, you need treatment to stay healthy. If someone you know or love needs a kidney, you might have thought about giving them one of yours.

Here are answers to common questions about this big decision.

Have no fear because the Exhale festival returns at the end of August in West Sussex, so there's another chance to immerse yourself in health, wellness and lots of fun.

Your doctor will do some tests to find out for sure.

He’ll check your blood and urine, and he may do an ultrasound or take X-rays of your kidneys.

You don't usually have to change your routine or even your diet to get ready for surgery.

Your doctor will prescribe medications to help manage your pain.

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