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In either case, you will be presented with a new browser window to go through, and the options are fairly straight forward.

That’s all there is to it, which is quite surprising.

Well, I’ll be honest, I actually do have a couple of accounts open with the service, mainly because they were my first email accounts set up; the oldest of which is 17 years old – they grow up so fast.

What’s interesting is that, for the last 15 years of using said account, I never really needed to log into Yahoo directly, I simply used Microsoft Outlook and eventually Mozilla Thunderbird to download and manage all my mail through POP and IMAP. or reset my password after the breach (that’s a friendly reminder for you to reset your password too, if you haven’t done so already).

Outlook is tied to your Microsoft account, so if you use that to log into Windows or even Xbox, you can use that account for email too.Any logins that are associated with your Yahoo email address, will not transfer.You will need to login to each service you use and change your email address over to your new account – if said services allow it.After all this time and with the recent security scare, I think it’s about time to move away from Yahoo, and with that, this is a guide to help others that are thinking of doing the same – providing Yahoo enables the feature after it turned it off.The thing is, migrating 17 years worth of emails, contacts and all the logins that account is associated with, is no small task.

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