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For all elements defined in the RSS specification that enclose character data, the text contain child elements.

There's no limit on the length of character data that can be contained in an RSS element.

This element is In this example, an aggregator could request notification by calling the cloud.notify method of the XML-RPC web service at, port 80, path /rpc.

This element is an empty element defined by a single tag and its attributes, unless extended by a namespace.

The following aggregators ignore this element: Blog Bridge, Bloglines, Google Reader, Jet Brains Omea, Mozilla Firefox, My Yahoo, News Gator Online and RSSBandit.

Most aggregators that support TTL use its value as the maximum frequency of update checks.

This is version 1.0 of this document, published Oct. The current version will always be available at this link. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based document format for the syndication of web content so that it can be republished on other sites or downloaded periodically and presented to users.The assume that is in the public domain and can be republished and redistributed without restriction.Under the Berne Convention adopted by the United States and more than 150 other countries, a work does not require a copyright statement to be protected by copyright. Library of Congress publishes the current list of ISO 639 language codes adopted by HTML.Publishers could format addresses according to the RFC 2822 Address Specification, the RFC 2368 guidelines for mailto links, or some other scheme.The element describes the RSS feed, providing such information as its title and description, and contains items that represent discrete updates to the web content represented by the feed.

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