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A spokesman for the service was not immediately available for comment Monday. But, she added, “We certainly don’t condone that type of behavior.” Medical health professionals familiar with trauma training say they were stunned to hear about Hagmann’s techniques.Virginia state lawyers, investigating complaints by some students who attended the sessions, wrote in the report to the state’s medical board that “these procedures were not undertaken or provided in good faith for medicinal or therapeutic purposes.” One doctor who offers trauma training, Harvard Medical School professor David King, said that “some of what is described in these allegations is wildly unheard of and perhaps unsafe.” Dr.“I treat people in the ER everyday for things I have never experienced,” said Mell, a Cleveland doctor who trains emergency medical workers and police officers. But groups including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have called for an outright ban, long complaining to the Pentagon about DMI’s “senseless shooting and stabbing of live animals,” said Justin Goodman, PETA’s laboratory investigations director. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter a summary of an undercover video it says it took during a 2013 training session by Hagmann’s company.“I certainly don’t need to experience shock to know how to treat it. “We are absolutely disgusted to learn that the company’s cruel, violent and abusive behavior apparently targets service members as well,” Goodman said. The group also asked the Pentagon to cease contracting with DMI.

“The moment the department and USU leadership were informed that these events occurred, the institution immediately suspended the relationship with Dr.Howard Mell, a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, said he could not comment on any specific case.But speaking generally about “shock labs,” Mell said subjecting students to such problems during training would be absurd.In a statement Hagmann provided on Friday to Reuters, he said: “The mechanisms and protocols utilized in the training all comply with standard practices for training medical students and are, in fact, utilized in medical schools in Virginia.” Hagmann said the “claims of sexual misconduct cause me the most anguish.Absolutely no ‘sexual gratification’ was involved and there is no evidence of such.” Hagmann said “the courses and procedures in question were all reviewed and approved” by officials at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a government-run medical school that trains and prepares health professionals to support the military. “The procedures used during the training were not authorized by USU faculty,” said Sharon Holland, a spokeswoman for the Uniformed Services University.

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