Dating handicapped girl

If you really care about someone – and you actually take the time to get to know them beyond a birthmark – you’d drop that lazy act like a sack of hot potatoes.

And didn’t your mother ever tell you that the greatest effort yields the greatest reward?

Sure, you could probably get a date with any blonde beauty, but does she have a kick-ass sense of humor? If anything, I’ll be the one taking care of you, and I wouldn’t see it as a burden or something to be afraid of, either. On top of the list were caring, sensitive and a guy with a Chandler Bing sense of humor. Translation: Will I have to life a celibate life, or at least upgrade my cable porn package? Will I Be Able To Take Her Out In Public Without People Staring? Don’t be deceived: I am an independent woman, but I still want someone to sit on the porch with someday.

Those desires of mine haven’t changed, and, surprisingly, nowhere on that list did it say “someone who will tend to every one of my needs at the expense of his own.” My disability wasn’t an issue for me then, and it isn’t an issue now. All the excuses in the world aren’t going to stop me from finding The One, but it does make me disheartened when I see otherwise great guys give me the brush-off because they see my disability as a relationship dealbreaker.

Determine just how sensitive she is about her impairment once you meet her initially.Heck, I’m not even asking you out to dinner, unless I’m feeling exceptionally confident that day. And yes, I am disarmingly honest and straight-forward and a bit awkward (in a female Michael Cera-esque way), but I’ve found that sometimes, being intimidated by someone in a good way makes things even more exciting and makes you want to get to know the other person that much more. Translation: How much work is this woman going to be? More often than not, you don’t even care what they think …. Maybe I just shouldn’t be going out and be around other people. I’ve seen the look in my mother’s eyes when she looks at photos of him: a smile crosses her face as if it is her wedding day all over again.I’m just asking you not to be so quick in dismissing me — the one girl you could so easily overlook — and take a chance. Plus, I’m probably one of the quietest, unassuming girls you’ll ever meet. I’ve lived – and thrived – through some 26 surgeries and hundreds of hospitalizations. When I was 17, I made a list in my journal of traits I wanted my future husband to possess. If you’re honestly concerned that you might be ashamed of me, move along now. Before you, I had never seen the light of day before. Maybe it’d be best if I just stayed in my room all day, watching the colorful world go by outside my window. The fact is, when you’re really into someone, you’re proud to be seen with them. Shouldn’t everyone get to feel that romantic happiness?You’d be amazed how strong my arms could get just from using a walker for 20 years.They’re like giant muscles of steel, only smaller and dotted with cute freckles.

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