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An honorable individual must fight his magic in order to make it to Shangri-La (as revealed in the track "Pass Me By").

"Piggy Pie" references the Three Little Pigs and tells Violent J's story of murdering three kinds of people: an incest-prone redneck, cops who wrongly arrest and harass people, and stuck-up wealthy people.

"Boogie Woogie Wu" is told from the perspective of the boogie man and talks about the slaughter of children.

The church claimed Disney was turning its back on family values.

Although Abbiss told the press that Disney had stopped production of The Great Milenko to avoid further controversy, Disney claimed instead that the release of the album was an oversight by their review board, and that the album "did not fit the Disney image" because of its "inappropriate" lyrics, Although Hollywood Records had ordered record stores to return shipments of the now-deleted album, many record stores refused, including the Michigan-based Harmony House where 1,700 CDs were sold in 36 stores after the termination order.

The Great Milenko is the fourth studio album by American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse, released on June 24, 1997, by Hollywood Records, in association with Psychopathic Records.

As the fourth Joker's Card in the group's Dark Carnival mythology, the album's lyrics focus on the titular Great Milenko, an illusionist who tries to trick individuals into greed and other such sins.

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