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This excellent English timepiece was made by the Rotherham clock company who were based in Coventry and were once manufacturers of a range of attractive mantel clocks and timepieces.

Their success ended with the outbreak of the Second World War when they ceased production of clocks to fulfil merchantry contracts and with few exceptions, they never went back to clock-making again.

This particular clock has elegant case mouldings, which is unusual for a clock of this period.

This particular clock has a pleasant strike on its’ original polished and blued steel gong, which sounds at the hour and half hour.

The movement is of a similar high quality, striking hours and half hours on a polished bell, and the clock retains its original ormolu dial with multiple enamel tablets for hours and minutes.

The movement is fitted with a very high quality platform escapement, thus allowing the movement to be fitted in to a small and attractive case.

A truly magnificent example of how French clockmaking led the world in design in the 19th century.

Only French clockmakers could have the ability to combine red tortoiseshell, with finely pierced ormolu, to give this dramatic effect.

In the second half of the 19th century, French clockmakers really showed that they were masters of both design and engineering.

The high quality movement strikes the hours and half hours on a blued steel gong, making a delightful sound yet it is the elegant design of the tortoiseshell case and ormolu mounts that makes this clock so impressive.

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