Dating china patterns

Turn your piece of china over and look for a maker's mark. If there are words in your mark, particularly initials, it will be easier to look up.

Printing may be quite small or blurred and require a magnifying glass or loupe to read. Once you have identified the mark on your china, find reliable resources about that manufacturer.

Other factors such as the colour of the mark, how it’s applied or the numbered codes within the design can often date a piece to the exact year it was produced and tell you where or who the specific artist was.

Famous companies such as Wedgwood, Meissen, Doulton, Minton, Derby and Worcester all use a variety of numerical or symbolic china marks that can, with just a little knowledge and analysis, give you the exact date of production.

Compare the pattern on your piece with what you see in your reference materials.

You must match the pattern exactly in order to reach a definitive conclusion.

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The right hand image demonstrates a design registration mark for 22nd October 1875 (B for October and S for 1875).

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