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They are more than likely, as in the case of the Albanian's, either prior to 1957 or after 1960 with the latter being the most reasonable. For the most part it is easy to tell where and when the gun in question was made because of the markings and our knowledge of the Russian small weapons. The receiver on these guns are not stamped with the small Tula star so it seems they would have been produced prior to that vintage SKS.

The same thing was also found in the Russian SKS's. Two arsenals produced the SKS, Tula which uses the arrow in the star marking along with a plain simple 5 pointed star and Izhevsk, which uses an arrow in a triangle inside a circle as shown in the pictures below. Being that they are stamped with the star but without a date on the receiver cover would suggest they were made later then the 1955 stamped guns.

Most of this information is/was gathered from various forums and from my own observations.

I do not guarantee that this is 100% accurate because as we all know, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE SKS.

Some Albanian guns have no year reference numbers on them.

China was a huge supplier of SKS's to North Vietnam and many of the GI bring backs are of Chinese origin.

The only dates that have been verified were from 1957, 1958, 1959 & 1960. In the mid 50's Russia started marking the guns on the left side of the receiver with a small star designating the manufacture at the Tula arsenal. When was the no date stamped Tula receiver cover gun manufactured?

There are reports of Romanian SKS's without the year stamped on them. The Russian SKS's were in actual production from 1949 to 1956 when the rifle of choice was changed to the AK-47. These are generally considered by many to be the last run in 1956. It would seem logical that it would be either late 1955 or early 1956.

See more on page 34 Romania used the entire year stamped after the serial number.

They were manufactured at the Cugir plant in Romania from the late 50's into the early 60's.

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