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However as a rule, a Muslim man is forbidden to date other than to find a spouse, so expect relationships to be taken very seriously.

Another aspect to consider is that if you are to marry a Muslim, he will likely very strongly push for children to be raised in the Muslim faith.

However it is actually acceptable in Islam for Muslim men to have up to four wives, and obviously to date outside of the marriage in order to find these wives.Forget Stereotypes The first thing to do is to drop any preconceived notions you have of Muslims.At the present time Muslims are not getting the best press, and this is of course due to extremism. As anyone who has experienced the start of new and exciting romance would expect, I am over the moon with joy.It is early in the relationship, and though I feel generally optimistic about our future, I am definitely still in that ‘honeymoon’ phase where I spend a great deal of time gushing over pictures of him on Facebook.

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Celebrations and Food: Muslims know how to party and host celebrations, and most certainly how to eat. There is hardly a more joyous occasion with a better food experience that I can recall than the celebration at the end of Ramadan. Charitable: An entire pillar of Islam, Zakat, is for charity and compulsory giving to others in need. Faithful: Let’s face it; it would be hard to find a more dedicated and faithful person than a Muslim.

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