Dating a brazilian guy how to make the best of online dating

What you notice is a display of excellent, confident and aggressive game from men.Then you notice the beautiful and stunning women who love to be seduced by these confident and aggressive men. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user .anon_user.logged_out . Brazil is one of my favorite countries in the world.First, let me begin by giving you a no-bullshit definition of the word “game.” Game is between a man and woman with the goal of fucking. On the other hand, a working/platonic relationship between a man and a woman is also communication but since the goal is not to fuck her brains out, it’s not game.

If she likes you, you will know and if she doesn’t… One of my favourite things about dating Brazilians is how friendly they are. Brazilian men are super flirtatious, to the point of being aggressive, which is why Brazilian rejections hurt more than any other.And how the women react is driven mostly by the society they live in.In Brazil, communication between men and women is what I call “pure.” Pure means men like women and women like men.Which brings me to: Women in Brazil don’t waste their time.It is a family-oriented culture and family is what she wants in the very near future.

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