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I believe that if its wrong for me to do it to a woman than its just as wrong for a woman to do it to me.

I would never show a woman im dating my guns to make sure she treats me right.

I just dont understand the double thinking behind constantly believing women need protection and then laughing at the movement thats actually trying to fix things. I know a few adult women in their late 20s that their dads still do this.

I wonder how he would feel if one of his daughters dates showed his daughter a gun and laid down some ground rules.

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If someone makes a joke like this, it's most likely a light-hearted comment and isn't intended to be anti-feminist or to promote violence.

Typically I assume that the dad in question is pretty shitty if he’s projecting ill intent on any kid his daughter might want to date.

be interested in dating a girl for the possibility of sex.

To me, the whole thing reeks of the same "boys will be boys" attitude that so contributes to rape culture.

The father is over-protective because he "knows what teenage boys are thinking" and they "only have one thing on the mind," and he doesn't want his sweet, innocent daughter to be subjected to that.

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Lastly, I find it very hypocritical that when a man talks about how evil young boys and men are and how they need to protect their little princesses its considered "protective" but if a woman gets up and talks about how women need to protect themselves from abuse and rape she gets labeled a "feminazi".

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