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While you are waiting on the backpage Costa Rica app to launch and connect you to a beautiful Costa Rica girl you can still enjoy a guys trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Guys Trip has put together a guide for any man deciding to head to Costa Rica for love, lust or just adventure.

Here are four reasons why: Of course, you can look for girls in all kinds of small towns and villages. You can also meet Nicaraguan girls (74.5% of the immigrants), Colombian chicas (4.3%), or Spanish women (4.2%).

According to Wikipedia, there are more than 30 different immigrant groups.

Just wait the future of finding Costa Rica girls is about to change……Okay, nowadays only 69.1% identify themselves as Catholic, which is an all-time low. Oh yeah, and you can meet Dating in Costa Rica is not easy. The sex tourist blues is sung all over the island and it’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to finding a good girl. Costa Rica doesn’t have the Brazilian beach culture. Option two: She smiles like a monkey in a banana factory and flirts even more intensely, now that you dropped the Del Rey bomb. Back when I was in San Jose, I was too afraid to eat local food. But that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to meet woman at the beach. When I was in university, I learned about the logistical principle JIT (Just in Time). But that doesn’t change anything about the fact that her parents told her that God, Jesus, and the 12 Apostles are constantly watching her. It’s not my fault that clubs are painted with the sex tourist stigma. The result: Decent Costa Rican babes avoid clubs like cats avoid water. The good girls are scared that you are one of THEM. Wearing flip flops or sandals in the capital is just weird. That’s why Option one: She looks at you as if you said that you’re married to your grandmother. Costa Rican prostitutes are waiting in hotel lobbies, in front of hotel rooms (that happened to a friend of mine) and in front of hotel entrances. Sorry, but there’s a high chance that she won’t follow you to your hotel. You can also bring sand to the beach…beautiful sand you met online. Millions of male tourists have been to the country. When I was in San Jose, I learned about the logistical principle JITT (Just in Tico Time). Click the link below to get your free guys guide to Costa Rica and plan your trip to ecstasy in the country of beautiful Costa Rica girls.Get the Free Guide Are you looking forward to a ‘dating app” from Backpage Costa Rica? Soon you will be able to meet and line up dates be it for love or lust before your plane even touches down in Costa Rica with verified Costa Rica girls.

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