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As an open-source project on Git Hub, your contribution is also welcome!Check the balena CLI installation instructions on Git Hub.Those commands require creating a CLI login session by running: application name Use this command to download the OS image of a certain application and write it to an SD Card.Notice this command may ask for confirmation interactively.Note that this command asks for confirmation interactively. The --device option selects a device instead of an application.Service-specific variables are not currently supported. The following examples remove variables that apply to all services in an app or device.

You can also write shell scripts around it, or import its modules to use it programmatically.

Examples: environment variable id Selects a device environment variable instead of an application environment variable Run in non-interactive mode Add an environment or config variable to an application or device, as selected by the respective command-line options.

If VALUE is omitted, the CLI will attempt to use the value of the environment variable of same name in the CLI process' environment. Use environment or config variable name variable value; if omitted, use value from CLI's environment application name device UUID suppress warning messages Use this command to change the value of an application or device environment variable.

Logs from a single service can be displayed with the --service flag.

Just system logs can be shown with the --system flag. Examples: $ balena logs 23c73a1 $ balena logs 23c73a1 --tail $ balena logs $ balena logs --service my-service $ balena logs --service my-service-1 --service my-service-2 $ balena logs 23c73a1.local --system $ balena logs 23c73a1.local --system --service my-service continuously stream output Reject logs not originating from this service. Examples: Display full info Scan timeout in seconds This command can be used to start a shell on a local or remote device.

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For local devices, the IP address and .local domain name are supported.

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