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They are threads that do not go outwards, but towards the centre of a warm and welcoming cave that we recognise as our own.

Some of these threads bring me back to moments of quiet happiness that the stupid memory would insist on erasing if they weren’t stuck to the electric spark of a song”.

, published by Literatura Random House, which has been in bookstores since March 28th.

The singer-songwriter will be talking on Wednesday April 3rd at 19 h in our hostel with the journalist and writer Laura Fernandez and the writer Belen Gopegui, surrounded by all friends who want to come and not miss this explosive meeting.

He has Danish American nationality and has a mixed ethnicity of Danish, English, and Scottish. After the divorce of his parents, he moved back to New York with his mother.

He is the son of Viggo Peter Mortensen and Grace Gamble Atkinson. Mortensen studied at Watertown High School and attended the St.

He is often called with different nicknames like Vig, Guido, and Cuero.One, or all three of them will recite lyrics of their songs.If you are a follower of her songs and above all, of her lyrics, her first book is waiting for you in bookstores and also in Bastardo!He likewise showed up in 2008’s “Appaloosa” and the 2009 adjustment of the Cormac Mc Carthy novel “The Road”.Mortensen has double American-Danish citizenship and talks familiar English, Danish, and Spanish.

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He has likewise composed more than 15 books covering verse, photography, and painting.

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