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The mentor may need to pull back and take time for spiritual renewal.

He may even have to say no at times, setting limits on his commitment to the mentee.

In the process, you'll likely gain a true friend. If we take a truthful look at ourselves, we'll admit that we bear some of the blame when things go wrong in a friendship.

If we're easily offended or hold on to bitterness, we'll have a hard time making friends. A good friend is quick to ask forgiveness and ready to be forgiving.

If we choose our friends based only on what they have to offer, we'll rarely discover the blessings of a genuine godly friendship.

This is similar to the way the disciples received from Jesus.

Trusting too easily can lead to ruin, so be careful about putting your confidence in a mere companion.

Over time our true Christian friends will prove their trustworthiness by sticking closer than a brother or sister.

Recognizing what's best for someone and giving that person space are signs of a healthy relationship. But at times we also have to say the difficult things our dearest friend needs to hear.

We should never let a friend come between our spouse and us. Because of the shared trust and acceptance, we are the one person who can impact our friend's heart, for we know how to deliver the hard message with truth and grace.

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