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But I suppose that a comedian who has claimed that his material is feminist would not carry the same stereotype in his head.One hopes that he may believe I'm writing this piece comfortably lounging on my beanbag after a good breakfast, a pleasant smile on my face.Stand-up comedian Karthik Kumar's show was recently released on Amazon Prime.Within a few days, social media was full of screenshots from the show which suggested that much of the comedy was sexist in nature.The joke which has riled up most people is to do with actor Nalini.

The 'punch-line' of the joke is that no Indian woman can be called a cow because India is a country which respects cows.

Karthik seems to believe with all sincerity that this is a pro-woman joke.

Here is why it's not: A joke works when the audience and the comedian are on the same page about its premise.

If the audience Karthik Kumar was speaking to didn't know who Nalini was and what she looked like, there is no joke.

The lines deliberately use body shaming to set up the joke - but does the ending compensate for this?

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