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In our partnership, I deal with the funding and the accounting and the OCD details like permits.Prissy runs a crew of “workwomen” in various stages of better understand why we're doing the things we're doing.321Chat's BDSM room is a safe place to teach, learn, and celebrate all things related to Domination, submission, and BDSM.The one annoying detail I don’t deal with is inspections.The inspectors want to deal with the actual builder, not the office weenie.We immediately know this is one of those “impossible to please” government employees.Yet it is apparent he must have offended someone important, to be transferred to downtown property inspections.

When Prissy complains to me about how he treated her, I tell her to handle it, since I have no influence in this area.

She’s beautiful, has exquisite taste, and six feet of hard muscles and sassy attitude wrapped in cafe au lait skin.

Her wardrobe is almost entirely pink, her favorite color, from workclothes to lingerie. In our private moments, I call her Prissy the Sissy.

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“Whatever you have to do to take care of it, do it,” I tell her.

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